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Brent Nadin graduated from art school with a John Moore,s degree in 1999. He worked with a gallery in Liverpool called Art in the square and was involved in a few exhibitions and art festivals in Liverpool and Manchester before moving to Taiwan.

In Taiwan he joined an artist,s residency program at Stock20 galleries in Taichung and for 2 years was involved in organising and presenting exhibitions with the other artists there.

Since leaving Stock20 he has paticapated in numerous exhibitions around Taiwan,s cities and was the curator for the 2006 Arts Festival at TADA in Taichung.

2006 was also the year he formed ScallArt with his brother Martin and together they have continued to produce artworks and host exhibitions around Taiwan for the past 3 years.

We are ScallArt.


Martin Nadin studied graphic design at Wirral Metropolitan College from 1991-1993. A few years later, he had some illustration work published in the Liverpool Echo's weekend magazine.

After some years in Taiwan, he made Youth In Asia magazine, which lampooned the lives of expats.

He has had some of his other comic strip work and illustrations published in Pressed magazine, and shown at the TADA Arts Festival 2006.

Around this time he and his brother Brent founded the art company ScallArt, and under said monicker they produce work in all manner of media and host plenty of spiffy shows.

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