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  • Urban Bodies

    A collection of art works by Taiwanese and foreign artists.

    Stock20 Galleries, Fuxing Rd, Taichung

    Sat 11 July - August 16, 2009

  • The Exploding Stencil

    A new collection of paintings by ScallArt.

    Salt Peanut Factory, Tai Shun St, Da-An District, Taipei

    11th Oct, 2008

  • Bliss - Sound One

    A collection of paintings by ScallArt, with tunes by Viba & Moshang.

    Bliss, XingYi Rd, Taipei


  • Soul Power

    Art by ScallArt, music by Native Space.

    Grooveyard, Hue Mei St., Taichung

    9th Sept, 2007

  • Unspoken Understanding

    A collaboration between Taiwanese and foreign artists.

    TADA Center, Fushing Rd, Taichung

    2nd - 31st Dec, 2006

. ScallArt